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Concentrate on blower development and design
For blowing and vacuuming,maintenance free and more environment protection
  • JM blower can be maintenance-free use
  • Easy installation,convenient use,better performance
  • Clean air output,respond to green environmental calls
  • Have both blow and suction function
Real material,to create better products
  • Phosphate shot blasting shell surface treatment, electrostatic spraying
  • High strength aluminum ADC12 design
  • Die casting shell, leading peer company 2-3 years, high-end atmospheric grade
Brand direct sales, fashionable style, full range, cost-effective
  • New products are actively launched every year,only high pressure fan series is up to 100 kinds of models
  • Semi-automatic line of production line,enhance the quality control ability of the product assembly process
  • The core components of the product are mastered by ourselves,to ensure that every product is a boutique
Intimate technical support and after-sale service,build Jie Ming features
  • The professional pre-sales team provide patiently explain or service and product promotion
  • One year long warranty, no maintenance fee is produced during the warranty period
  • Professional and technical personnel will guide to provide technical support services
  • Regularly invite maintenance personnel to JieMing learn maintenance techniques, Carrying out related maintenance training
Motor easy to burn machine
How to buy a real pure copper motor?
Serious noise
Workshop noise can not reach the environmental requirements, how to do?
Unqualified quality
The factory stopped working as soon as the machine was broken.
These are not problems in Jieming
Choose jieming, choice
01Save time
Full range of blower products, one-stop shopping, for your timel
02Save power
Using energy-efficient motors,IE2orIE3 to save your power
03Save money
Brand direct sales, focus blower market, long service life, to save
04Save worry
Strict implementation of three guarantees policy, provide free technical
Free service hotline
Dongguan Jieming Electric Tech Co., Ltd. is a engaged in high, medium and low pressure blower R & D sales and service professional company. Besides it is a technical enterprise provided with various industrial vacuum cleaners and air knife drying system solutions. As one of the major suppliers of vacuum equipment market, Jie Ming company engaged in research and development and sales reliable, safe and practical vacuum equipment products,providing high quality and professional services to help global customers and partners to be successful.
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They are such evaluation of jieming
  • Variety, quality assured
    Cooperation with Jieming for several years,blower type is very rich, more products to choose from, the most important thing is the product passed the CCC, CE certification ....
  • Life beyond my imagination.
    Because of professionalism, it is excellent. Jieming is dedicated to providing customers with high-quality, high-efficiency and energy-saving full range of fan products.
  • Strict quality assurance
    Jieming high, medium and low pressure blowers meet the needs of each industry application. The materials are also genuine, with a warranty of 18 months.
  • Supply fast, high demand
    Jieming blower strictly controls the quality before leaving the factory, and achieves the high requirements of each inspection, and provides high-quality products to customers.
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  • APPLICATIONS of Ring Blowers.Central Vacuum Systems- De-Aeration- Impregnation- Boiling Processes- Vacuum Condensing- Distillation- Drying Systems- Sterilization- Filtration- Solvent Recovery
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